one far sun laughing


In 2012, one far sun bid farewell to the UK music stage. The all-female trio went their separate ways as they pursued different careers, motherhood and moved to different countries. 

After a decade break, one far sun is now back on the scene, featuring Amy Wagner on gritty guitars and lead vocals, together with sisters Rachel Menzies and Fiona Menzies on violin, cello and lush vocal harmonies. With renewed energy and perspectives, a new chapter in their musical journey is beginning, one that is sure to win over lovers of female singer-songwriting.

Their revival began in late 2023 with inside – a song that beautifully captures one far sun’s signature style. It weaves emotive, introspective lyrics about travel and growth with a sonic tapestry of raw guitars, cinematic strings, electronic beats and ethereal three part harmonies. The single’s indie disco club remix was featured on BBC Introducing in January 2024.

people in the middle released in February 2024 and has been spun widely on radio and online shows across 10+ countries. This protest song lyrically critiques our global social, political and cultural apathy. It serves up big vocals and harmonies, layers of heart string violins with a distinct solo melancholy cello, raw guitars, electronic sub bass and embellishments. The LJR introspective house remix of people in the middle followed shortly after and was again featured on BBC Introducing in March 2024.

hello old friend is the latest release and is one far sun’s love song to Australia, capturing the bittersweet bond between ex-pats and their homeland. With soaring vocal harmonies and haunting cello, hello old friend reflects the complexities of leaving behind a once cherished relationship. The trio hope it resonates with anyone who has felt the tug of war between longing and liberation.

one far sun has recently accumulating press coverage across the likes of Strings Magazine, Jammerzine and Backseat Mafia, support from worldwide radio stations, and lots of love from BBC Introducing Sussex & Surrey. With a slew of singles tucked away, ready to unleash, the trio are committed to maintaining their momentum and creative flame.